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Support And Resources To Help You With Substance Use Disorder

We feature centres for addiction and mental health that focus on every aspect of your life. We know it is never easy to visit a centre for addiction and mental health, but the kind and compassionate teams of our featured clinics are here to support every step of the recovery journey. These sites are full of informative education services to begin a sober lifestyle and provide any needed extra support.
We feature centres for addiction and mental health that focus on every aspect of your life.

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Discover a wealth of reliable and carefully curated information on diverse treatment options. path towards effective and comprehensive recovery

Understanding Rehab

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Treatment Modalities
  • Duration of Treatments
  • How Much Does Rehab Cost

Addiction Treatment

  • Detoxification (Detox)
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Outpatient Treatment

Specialty Programs

  • Professionals Programs
  • Family Programs
  • Outpatient or Day Programs
  • Fitness Programs

Substances of Misuse

  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
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Best Rehabs is your trusted provider of mental health help, addiction services, and process addiction in Canada. We connect anyone who needs help with the perfect rehab to overcome the hardest battles with mental health disorders and substance abuse in a way that is supportive and healthy. Whether you are struggling yourself or trying to help a loved one, we recognize how challenging finding the right help can be, and we are here to support anyone who needs it.

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We make it easy to seek the mental health and addiction services desired, and our talented team provides access to comfortable accommodations, all the amenities you need, a variety of therapeutic options, and ongoing support after a stay.

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about drug rehab, using our directory, and what to expect from rehab centers.

What is rehab like?

Rehab can be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient programs are residential, but outpatient programs allow participants to go home at the end of every treatment session. Every facility has its own approach, but all rehabs are safe, supportive environments designed to help you overcome your struggles and reach your recovery goals.

What happens in an addiction rehab program?

The first part of the process involves identifying your treatment needs and setting measurable goals. These two steps ensure that you will receive the most effective level of care and techniques for your unique struggles.

Most rehabs are highly flexible and believe that individualized treatment plans are the best way to handle the complex, personal nature of addiction. Choosing a rehab that personalises your care is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you need — and deserve — out of treatment.

How long does rehab take?

Rehab normally lasts between 30 to 90 days, but ongoing support can last for 12 months or more. Many people who complete one intensive rehab program go on to attend counseling and participate in support groups for years, sometimes a lifetime.

Your needs and how long you stay in rehab will all depend on your unique situation. You should not consider one program a failure if it doesn’t work for you the first time, either. You may need a longer course of treatment, a different approach or a different facility.

The medical team you meet when you first arrive will ask questions about your experiences to recommend the best type of program, including the ideal length and types of therapy you receive.

Addiction research shows that most people need a minimum of 3 months in rehab to experience long-term results. This gives you enough time to not only detox and address your substance abuse but also work on healing emotionally and building effective coping skills.

How much does rehab cost?

Treatment costs vary depending on the rehab you attend, the program you are in and the length of your treatment. Therapy can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 CAD per session, and long-term programs for alcohol and drugs can cost several thousand dollars.

There are several core components that influence the cost of rehab in Canada:

  • Amenities: Luxury-style rehabs with amenities like spas, swimming pools, gyms, massage therapy, private suits and high-end meals will cost more than those without such features; your desired level of comfort and access to particular features will influence how much you pay on top of treatment fees.
  • Program Duration: The longer the treatment program, the more it will ultimately cost. However, this can vary depending on the type of rehab as well. For example, a 30-day program at a resort-style rehab could cost more than a 90-day program at a standard rehab center.
  • Location: If you have to travel to a more remote location, or you attend a luxury facility in the mountains or on the beach, the cost of your stay will run higher.
  • Type of Treatment: Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab tends to cost between $300 to $1,000 per day while outpatient programs are roughly half that cost. If you receive multiple types of therapy, such as treatment for addiction as well as psychological disorders, then your final cost will also be higher.

Paying for rehab is a common concern, but you should not let that stop you from reaching out. There are options available for every budget as well as financing plans to make treatment more affordable.

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