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About Us

Welcome to Best Rehabs Canada

We are an organization committed to helping you find the care that’s right for you. Our company has recently opened its doors to help citizens throughout Canada and their loved ones who struggle with mental health disorders and substance abuse.

We also offer access to top-rated rehab facilities that support people as they recover from physical injuries.

The motivation behind Best Rehabs lies in a desire to both raise awareness and destigmatize the harmful stereotypes surrounding substance abuse and mental illness. Whether you are struggling yourself or trying to help someone you love, we recognize how challenging finding the right help can be.

First and foremost, our site aims to provide free education to anyone who needs it. If you are worried you have a problem or do not know where to begin looking for help, our resources are here to guide you.

For concerned family and friends, we provide educational material and access to qualified professionals who can help you extend help to your loved one in the most empathetic and understanding way.

Although the information we provide is written by educated professionals and meticulously researched, we do not supply this in lieu of medical intervention. Any information we provide is designed to support, not replace, the care and guidance of a medical doctor.

We suggest reaching out to your primary care physician if you are struggling with substance abuse. Do not allow shame, embarrassment or guilt to prevent you from getting the help and care you deserve.

If you would prefer to reach out to licensed addictions experts, our comprehensive list of the best rehabs and top-rated rehab facilities in Canada’s provinces are here to help you.

How to Help a Loved One With Addiction

Substance abuse can happen to anyone, but you never expect it to affect someone you know. Unfortunately, the hidden signs of drug and alcohol abuse may go unnoticed for years. At Best Rehabs Canada, we aspire to help anyone who is concerned about someone they know move one step closer toward help.

Education is the fastest, most effective way to build awareness. The more we understand the nature of addiction and how diverse it can be, the greater understanding and empathy we have for those who suffer from it.

By learning to recognize the warning signs of substance abuse, you can become more aware of your loved one’s actions and possibly move toward understanding the intent behind them.

Those who suffer from addiction are not all simply seeking a “high” or temporary escape. Most are people who are dealing with difficult emotions that they do not know how to cope with. Substance abuse is only a tool they use to escape deeper problems that deserve understanding and appropriate care.

We do not advise anyone to offer substance abuse counselling to a loved one. Only qualified medical professionals, such as doctors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, should direct someone’s treatment.

The best way to help someone dealing with substance abuse is to understand how addiction works, recognize and work with any resistance and extend help by providing them resources available on this site.

Our Review Criteria

To further promote awareness and build a broader understanding of addiction treatment, we have developed a dedicated set of criteria to screen all of the rehabs featured on our site.

Comfortable Accommodations

We believe that rehab should feel secure and safe at all times; rather than adopt the traditional clinical approach, these rehabs offer comfortable accommodations that feel natural and promote a greater sense of support and relaxation.

Being in a drug or mental health treatment program is a challenging experience; to make it easier, a rehab must provide its clients with comfortable, clean, soothing environments that put them in the right mindset to focus fully on their treatment.

Access to Amenities

Features such as swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers, outdoor excursions, yoga, massage therapy and the like can assist the recovery process.

Many therapeutic models emphasize the importance of building healthy coping skills through recovery; the amenities that a person can access during treatment also impacts how well they can build these alternative skills over the course of treatment.

As a result, we ensure that each of these top-rated rehabilitation centers on our site provides access to a number of amenities that promote health, wellness and inner peace.

Qualified, Expert Staff

We believe that medical professionals with extensive addictions and mental health education are pillars of successful treatment. As such, our review process closely examines the titles, qualifications and experience of every rehab’s staff.

For example, a rehab that offers treatment for opioid addiction should have certified addictions specialists, medical doctors, registered nurses and a number of therapists and a psychiatrist on-staff to support recovery.

Every rehab should also have a director with an extensive background in addictions and/or mental health treatment, appropriate credentials and a clear passion for helping people.

A Variety of Therapeutic Options

Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and our rehabs reflect the power of choice and personalisation in treatment. We ensure that each facility specializes in one or more treatment models to help every person find their perfect match.

You may realize that one model of treatment does not work for you, and that is okay. However, we believe every treatment approach a facility offers should be supported by research and evidence. Popular models for treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the 12-step model, group therapy, individualized treatment, wellness therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and more.

Ongoing Support for Recovery

Your support shouldn’t end after your initial treatment is over. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and we choose rehabs that provide ongoing support and, in some cases, transitional services to their clients.

A Dedicated Mission and Purpose

We believe that the “why” behind a rehab is equally important as their methods. In order to provide the highest level of care and service to its clients, a rehab must have a strong mission statement and clear set of values governing their practice.

Our goal is to connect anyone looking for help with a facility that will see, affirm and support them as an individual, not merely another patient.

Financing Options

Paying for addiction treatment in Canada can be expensive if you are working with a private facility. Depending on the type and length of treatment, you could pay several hundred to several thousands CAD for services.

For this reason, we believe that having access to various price models and financing options is an important factor when choosing to feature a rehab. Everyone deserves access to high quality, professional care, regardless of how much money they can afford to spend.

Complete Confidentiality

All of the rehabs we feature must display a commitment to protecting their clients’ identities and personal information at all times. Addiction and any treatment you receive are personal health matters; you should always be in complete control over who knows about your healthcare.

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    How to Use Our Site

    You can access the right type of rehab for you by selecting the type of service you are looking for on our home page.

    The addiction treatment section will show you different top-rated rehab facilities that specialize in offering treatment for all types of substance use disorders.

    Mental health treatment centers may offer addictions treatment, but they also offer treatment for a number of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

    If you are a friend or family member seeking an interventionist, then this section will help you find a professional in your area who can help you stage an intervention for your loved one.

    You can also filter our rehabs by location to find the top-rated rehab facilities near you or in an area you would like to receive treatment. We feature a wide array of top-rated rehabilitation centers throughout Canada. Below is a full list of the regions we serve:

    Choosing the Right Treatment Facility for You

    Before you can commit to a treatment program at any rehab, you will need to decide if they are able to offer the level of care you need.

    This first requires some research and understanding what types of treatment models are available. Whether you are healing from a physical injury or seeking addictions treatment, understanding each option’s benefits will allow you to choose a program that aligns with your needs and values.

    You should also be mindful of what features and amenities a facility offers. You should choose a location that is convenient, comfortable and rewarding to you.

    If you ever have any questions or need help deciding on the right rehab for you, we are always available to help.

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